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(EN) - MACRON DYNAMICS: Dual X / Dual Y Independent Axes Automation System

  • Industry: Automotive Parts Handling



    A client in the automotive fabrication industry required a system to assist in the automated production of a product. The system would be responsible for applying adhesive onto a product, followed by the application of a part to the adhesive. In order to achieve this, the gantry needed to be capable of fulfilling two separate functions simultaneously within the same space, without moving the product. The linear robot needed to have independently moving X/Y gantries in order to suit the overall automation process.


    MacBUILT Dual X / Dual Y Gantry with Independent Axes

    To meet the client’s specific independent motion requirements, Macron combined two X/Y gantries together to form a MacBUILT, dual X / dual Y independent axes system. By combining two independently moving X/Y gantries, the system could fulfill the requirement to perform two separate functions in one space, without the product needing to be physically moved.

    System benefits:

    Combing the functions of two MGS-14S linear robotic systems allowed Macron to deliver a solution with independent gantry motion in a concise, shared space. Rather than using two separate Dual X/Y gantries, Macron cut time, costs, and spatial constraints by engineering a custom solution and using off the shelf MacSTANDARD MSA-14 actuators.

    MacSTANDARD MSA-14S actuators equipped the dual X / dual Y system with a zero backlash belt to pulley design, an easy-to-mount extruded aluminum body with T-slots, and corrosion resistant components.


    Macron recently delivered a Dual X / Dual Y independent axes linear robot to an automotive fabrication facility