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(INT) PARTcommunity in China

  • The first PARTcommunity portal in China was born in 2007. It's for CAMST (China Academy of Macinery Science & Technology). It been seem the first step of CADENAS market operation.


    Free years later, the engineers of CAMST and its partners have been used to visit the website, and download needful parts & assemblies.

    Until 2009, some new PARTcommunity portal has been online for China company, local CAD supplier & Organization.



    At present, when need download parts/assemblies, more and more China local engineers entry to PARTcommunity to find their need.

    In future, visitors from China will reach 20% of the total number.

    It's also helpful for more China parts suppliers, to choose PARTcommunity as their website catalogues solution.


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