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Hao Li

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  • (INT) China's fastest high speed train 380A rolls off production line

    China's fastest high speed train rolled off the production line Thursday in Changchun, capital of the northeastern province of Jilin, a company executive said. A man walks by the new "380A" high speed train at Changchun Railway Vehicles Co., Ltd. on Thursday, May 27, 2010. (Photo: Xinhua) Dong X...
  • (INT) CN: 从注册到下载-详解PARTcommunity使用步骤

    Summary in English - The content of this blog post is to guide Chinese users to use the portal, from sign up to download, all the process, step by step. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 诚然,一种全新的、来自海外的解决方案大多会出现水土不服,让初次使用者摸不着头脑。 PARTcommunity作为一种以互联网络为基础的,针...
  • (INT) PARTcommunity in China

    The first PARTcommunity portal in China was born in 2007. It's for CAMST (China Academy of Macinery Science & Technology). It been seem the first step of CADENAS market operation. http://camst.partcommunity.com Free years later, the engineers of CAMST and its partners have been used to visi...