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  • SelfCAD is starting this year with a kick! This patch adds completely new features and deals with some nasty bugs. We are getting closer to 3.0 Patch which will transform SelfCAD into a solution for quick 3D modeling AND rendering. I hope you are as excited as we are!

    Here's a list of what we've added in patch 2.9.1: 

    1. Multiple viewports

    Great news! You can now see your model from as many angles as you want at the same time. Just go to the Preferences -> Workspace and increase the number of Viewports.

    2. Backface culling




    Backface Culling makes it possible to see inside an object without deleting any walls. It's invaluable when dealing with topology problems. If you ever tried to 3d model for 3d printing you know how important the inside of the object is!

    To use it, just Flip Normals and then select Backface Culling.

    3. Minor slicer overhaul

    We added logos to the printers to make them easier to find and an axis helper by popular demand. You can see it in the right bottom corner.

    4. Edge Ring Selection

    You can select a whole ring of edges and faces and even apply patterns! To find this tool click the little gear next to the face selection cube.

    5. Added functionality to lock rendering mode

    Previously when you clicked any of the render modes (such as wireframe) it affected every object on the scene. Now you can choose, by first locking the object you don't want to put in another rendering mode.

    6. Gizmo customization