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  • (EN) B2Run 2022 - Split, Croatia

    Posted Mon at 12:53 PM by Dalibor Pejicic

    B2Run – the race has begun, again! After a two-year break and COVID-19 repealed measurements, the regular race was organized in Split, Croatia on 19th of May 2022 (a viral race was held in 2020 and 2021). Thirty-six companies participated in the race and everyone was so excited to finally show their best, but also to have some fun. The weather was perfect that day and everything was well-organized. CADENAS team was gathered out of pure sup...

  • (EN) Toolless Rectangular Connectors for 10,000 Mating Cycles

    Posted May 9 by Eddie Choi

    There are industrial applications that require frequent mating cycles throughout life such as measuring/controlling drawer-mounted equipment, molding control equipment, and replaceable tools. Since the connectors of these applications need to be connected and disconnected several times a day, failing to install high-performance connectors with a sufficient mating cycle rating could result in unstable connections with lower reliability, which will...

  • (EN) ElectricSolenoidValves.com launches 3D CAD parts library of solenoid valves and motorized ball valves

    Posted May 5 by Presseservice CANVAS

    E-commerce automation company improves digital experience with on-demand delivery of engineering content ElectricSolenoidValves.com, a distributor specializing in solenoid valves and automation products for engineers and OEMs, has released an online 3D CAD product catalog of solenoid valves. Built by CADENAS, the library serves the website’s growing customer base by making the customer journey online and on demand. “When our c...

  • (EN) Digital partnership between AUSSCHREIBEN.DE and CADENAS combines product information, tender texts and BIM CAD data on one plat

    Posted Apr 29 by Presseservice CANVAS

    Cooperation simplifies processes in digital building planning for both planners and manufacturers More than 1 million tender texts and additional product information are available for download on the online portal for tender texts AUSSCHREIBEN.DE. Thanks to the new technology partnership between CADENAS and AUSSCHREIBEN.DE, building products can now be displayed as illustrative 3D graphics and offered for free download in various native a...

  • (EN) Reliable High-Power Management for Harsh Environments

    Posted Apr 5 by Eddie Choi

    There are several options when it comes to terminating wires for rectangular connectors. Axial screw termination is one of the most common methods in the industry. This method is suitable for field installation or maintenance because not only is the connection is stable and secure, but also either a common slot screwdriver or hex tool is everything required for termination of the wires. However, this method tends to take a longer time to terminat...

  • (EN) brandgroup bridges the gap between its innovative springs and customers with new 3D CAD configurator

    Posted Apr 5 by Presseservice CANVAS

    Convenient selection of complex arc springs simplifies planning processes for engineers and minimizes sources of error brandgroup releases its new product configurator for arc springs based on the eCATALOGsolutions technology by CADENAS. With the help of the new tool, engineers and designers can easily customize the geometric and functional features of the arc springs. Thanks to plausibility and feasibility checks, planning errors are ...

  • (EN) 70 experts establish strategic roadmap for BIM standardization in Germany

    Posted Mar 29 by Presseservice CANVAS

    CADENAS expert actively contributes to the German BIM standardization roadmap as co-author CADENAS with its expertise actively contributed as co-author to the German standardization roadmap BIM, which was published at the end of 2021. The strategic plan was developed on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) by about 70 experts from different industries. It defines the future direction of s...

  • (EN) 3D CAD product catalog of Rohde AG now available on CADENAS download portals

    Posted Mar 18 by Presseservice CANVAS

    Free 3D CAD models of industrial and function handles facilitate design engineering Rohde AG is now represented with a 3D CAD product catalog on the CADENAS download portals  www.3DfindIT.com and www.PARTcommunity.com. Rohde's industrial and function handles for a wide range of applications can be downloaded free of charge in over 150 native and neutral CAD formats. The 3D CAD models and 3D PDFs are also available for downlo...

  • (EN) Mencom Connectivity Solutions for Hazardous Locations

    Posted Mar 8 by Eddie Choi

    When electrical applications are used in or near hazardous environments where flammable gases, vapors, flammable liquids, combustible dust, or ignitable fibers may be present, there is a potential risk of a fire or explosion. According to article 500 of the National Electric Code (NEC) defined by The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), these hazardous locations are classified using the ‘Class & Division’ system. The ‘Cl...

  • (EN) 30 years of CADENAS: Software solutions for 3D CAD models in step with the times since 1992

    Posted Mar 3 by Presseservice CANVAS

    Interesting insights into the history of CADENAS The software specialist CADENAS celebrates its company anniversary in 2022: Founded in 1992, it has now been 30 years since a small engineering office in the German city Augsburg became an international software company with 400 employees. The company's basic idea was very much in step with the times: Why should design engineers continue to invest hours in tracing components from catalog...

  • (EN) Do you have what it takes to become Engineering Newcomer 2022?

    Posted Feb 3 by Presseservice CANVAS

    Start of the 9th edition of the popular student design competition with prize money worth a total of €7,500 It's that time again: The Engineering Newcomer design competition is on the lookout for the most creative young engineers in the field of design and development. The organizers CADENAS GmbH, norelem Normelemente GmbH & Co. KG, Bundesarbeitskreis Fachschule für Technik, MDESIGN Vertriebs GmbH and ZUKEN E3 GmbH are excited to...

  • (EN) IP68 Enclosures Series Ensures Total Protection Against Dust and Continuous Submersion

    Posted Feb 1 by Eddie Choi

    Mencom offers a range of IP68 series rectangular enclosures that provide the highest level of protection against dust and complete continuous submersion in water. These IP68 series enclosures have also successfully passed the tests required for the IPX6 degree of protection (tightness to powerful water jets) and for the IPX9 degree of protection (high pressure and temperature water jets). Therefore, their official overall protection rating is IP6...

  • (EN) 83% of engineers in industrial companies design CAD parts manually themselves, even though they would already be available

    Posted Jan 26 by St Be

    83% of engineers in industrial companies design CAD parts manually themselves, even though they would already be available Survey report shows which weak points in the product development process are slowing down digitalization and decrease competitiveness Companies that want to establish themselves on the market as innovators and convince with outstanding products focus their efforts on achieving a fast time-to-market. At the same time...

  • (EN) Webcast: Potentials of digital transformation in standardization - from paper to Digital Twin

    Posted Jan 24 by Presseservice CANVAS

    How can companies make their standardization fit for the digital age? IHS Markit & CADENAS show strategies on how to effectively link information Standardization is a necessary but time-consuming topic in which information has to be digitized manually on a large scale. Digitizing information is one thing, linking and fully integrating it into the process as digital twins is another. In the free webcast by IHS Markit ...

  • (EN) Ready for the dawn of the BIM age in Germany? What component manufacturers should keep in mind

    Posted Jan 20 by Presseservice CANVAS

    Coalition agreement of new German "traffic light" government announces digitalization offensive for the construction industry - get prepared with CADENAS The coalition agreement of the new German federal government consisting of the SPD, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen and the FDP announces a new departure in construction, housing and urban development policy. Many in the construction industry have long considered this necessary. An import...

  • (EN) Superior Sensor Technology enhances digital customer experience with 3D CAD configurator for pressure sensors

    Posted Jan 13 by Presseservice CANVAS

    Pressure sensor manufacturer releases interactive sensor configurator powered by CADENAS Pressure sensor manufacturer Superior Sensor Technology, Inc. has released a 3D CAD configurator to enhance the digital customer experience for design engineers. The configurator’s 3D previews and native formats allow Superior Sensor to further revolutionize the pressure sensor market. By integrating these sensors into a 3D CAD configurator with ...

  • (EN) CADENAS wishes Happy Holidays

    Posted December 23, 2021 by Presseservice CANVAS

    The entire CADENAS & CANVAS team wishes you Happy Holidays and lots of optimism & health for the new year. See you in 2022!Check out the fun creations made by our staff’s kids for our annual crafting event! Thank you & your parents for helping us create beautifully unique Christmas cards for 10 years now!Wanna see more? Here's our collection of Xmas cards from the last decade: https://bit.ly/3Eobwwv

  • (EN) Rectangular Connectors with the Heat Shield for High-Temperature Manufacturing Environment

    Posted December 17, 2021 by Eddie Choi

    In some harsh manufacturing industries, electrical connectors are required to ensure reliable operation in high-temperature environments. Without proper equipment and protection, those connectors exposed to high temperatures can easily fail and can cause serious operational problems. Therefore, the use of special electrical connectors and enclosures developed for high-temperature environments will extend the life of industrial applications on the...

  • (EN) The ROHDE AG presents itself.

    Posted December 17, 2021 by Rohde AG

    The ROHDE AG presents itself. We are one of the leading manufacturers of industrial and functional handles; not only in quality but also in the breadth of the product portfolio. The strength of the company lies not only in the production of a wide range of standard handles, but can also flexibly adapt to individual customer requirements and special designs, even in very small quantities. More information at: www.rohde-technics.com

  • (EN) 1st place for 3DfindIT.com - Aniwaa lists download portals with the most 3D CAD models

    Posted December 17, 2021 by Presseservice CANVAS

    The technical search engine by CADENAS leaves other portals behind with over 5.5 million free CAD models for engineers & planners The comprehensive additive manufacturing and 3D scanning comparison platform Aniwaa has compiled an overview of numerous download portals for 3D printable files and CAD models: Thereby, the visual search engine 3DfindIT.com is listed at first place with more than 5.5 million available 3D ...