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  • (EN) New ETIM BIM portal of ETIM Deutschland simplifies processes in digital building planning

    Posted Jul 1 by Presseservice CANVAS

    Manufacturer-neutral BIM product data for electrical sector powered by CADENAS available in all common CAD formats incl. ETIM standards for planners & architects ETIM Deutschland e.V. releases the new ETIM BIM portal for the electrical sector, which offers architects and specialist planners free access to manufacturer-neutral 3D models for their building designs in all common BIM CAD formats. The comprehensive ETIM BIM portal based on the ETIM...

  • (EN) How to get a full overview of a part's structure and function

    Posted Jun 28 by Presseservice CANVAS

    Do you know how to reveal an assembly’s internal structure in 3D view? We show you a number of helpful functions in the Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions, such as transparency and exploded view. Try it yourself: www.cadenas.de/manuals/partsolutions/en/baugruppenstruktur/index.html

  • (EN) Successful recertification of AMF as per ISO 9001:2015

    Posted Jun 25 by Admin CAD-Service

    AMF has completed the conducted recertification process successfully for the eigth time. With our recertification, we have proven that the conformity of our quality management system with the standard ISO 9001:2015 continues to be satisfied.We therefore provide our customers with the assurance that, in addition to the renowned AMF product quality, our processes and organisation meet international quality standards and are continuously improv...

  • (EN) New CADENAS sales contact supports UK customers in digitalization

    Posted Jun 24 by Presseservice CANVAS

    International software manufacturer advises British component manufacturers on the marketing of their digital twins directly on site More and more British component manufacturers already rely on intelligent product data as digital twins as part of their digitization strategy and thus increase the global marketing of their components with the help of the eCATALOGsolutions technology by CADENAS. Since the beginning of June 2021, Jack Sal...

  • (EN) LIVE Webinar: TRADITIONAL vs. DIGITAL - The great sales duel!

    Posted Jun 23 by Presseservice CANVAS

    The boxing bell will soon ring for the great duel of sales strategies! Save one of the last seats in the arena now and find out who will step out of the ring as the winner. Join our free CADENAS webinar: English: July 1, 2 p.m. CEST: https://bit.ly/3bUZCPc German: June 24, 2 p.m. CEST: https://bit.ly/3oSm7cP

  • (EN) Four in one sweep: New VDI 3805 guidelines for building automation and electrical engineering

    Posted Jun 17 by Presseservice CANVAS

    VDMA and VDI facilitate the integration of building services in BIM with the support of VDMA technology partner CADENAS The working groups “BIM and Building Automation“ and "BIM and Electrical Engineering" of the VDMA Automation + Management Association for House + Buildings and the working group VDI 3805 "Electrical Engineering and Building Automation" have developed four draft guidelines at one go with the...

  • (EN) Mencom Introduces New Universal RJ45 Adapter for MIXO Series

    Posted Jun 9 by Eddie Choi

    The Mencom modular insert series (MIXO) was designed to allow different types of connections housed in a single traditional rectangular enclosure. Since each insert is designed to fit and lock into a frame that ranges in size from 1 module to 12 modules in a single enclosure, the possible combinations are countless. Each enclosure can house signal, power, data, and pneumatic contacts for the conduction of compressed air with pressure values of up...

  • (EN) Standard Lifters Inc. launch 3D Online Configurator with on-demand CAD models powered by CADENAS

    Posted Jun 8 by Presseservice CANVAS

    Interactive product configuration enables more transparency in product selection and reduces design time Standard Lifters Inc. has released an on-demand product configurator featuring instant access to 3D CAD models of their die components for the global metal stamping industry. The U.S. manufacturer was born from the idea that high-quality, standardized components would allow for superior production performance and savings for tooling...

  • (EN) Do you know what ice cream has in common with technical components?

    Posted Jun 1 by Presseservice CANVAS

    There is no one solution that tastes good to everyone It's summer, so how about a scoop of your favorite ice cream? Awesome idea, you think to yourself, as you march off to the nearest ice cream stand. Your mouth starts to water thinking about your favorite flavor, yogurt with amarena cherries. Once there, you realize that there are only three flavors: vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. “Is that really all you have to offer?” y...

  • (EN) WHITEPAPER: 72% of engineers & planners choose an alternative manufacturer if no native CAD data is available online

    Posted May 28 by Presseservice CANVAS

    Don’t lose 72 % of your target group to your competitors! Good thing we’ve asked 128,000 engineers & architects about their digital product data needs. Discover 6 findings of our survey on digitaltransformation coupled with actionable ideas to increase your sales in times of digitalization. www.cadenas.de/news/en/reader/items/72-percent-of-engineers-planners-choose-an-alternatives-if-no-native-cad-data-is-available-online

  • (EN) CADENAS open Competence Center for VDI 3805 / ISO 16757 compliant BIM CAD product data for MEP

    Posted May 27 by Presseservice CANVAS

    Optimal consulting of component manufacturers by expert team around Karsten Spieß, deputy chairman in the VDI 3805 main committee The requirements in Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) are continuously increasing. With the growing importance of BIM data in the construction sector, the provision of intelligent product information in MEP is becoming inevitable. CADENAS GmbH is therefore opening a competence center for digital pr...

  • (EN) LIVE Webinar: The Great Sales Duel

    Posted May 26 by Presseservice CANVAS

    Clear the ring for the great duel of sales strategies! Watch Team Digitalization & Team Traditional battle it out on all stages of the customer journey for the title of the most successful sales strategy. Join our free CADENAS webinar: • German: June 24, 2 p.m. CEST Sign up now: https://bit.ly/3oSm7cP • English: July 1, 2 p.m. CESTSign up now: https://bit.ly/3bUZCPc BTW: Check out the results of our survey among 128,000 engineers &...

  • (EN) Spread the word & join the Engineering Newcomer 2021

    Posted May 21 by Presseservice CANVAS

    Hey! Teacher! DON’T leave the kids alone! All in all it’s just another poster on the wall! We’re super excited to see so many of our Engineering Newcomer 2021 posters in schools & colleges! You have 2 months left to get your students to submit their engineering projects for the chance to win prize money worth a total of €7,500 for both your school & team.Your school hasn't joined yet? Download poster as PDF: https://bit.l...

  • (EN) How to customize your mouse control in PARTsolutions

    Posted May 19 by Presseservice CANVAS

    Don’t let the mouse control you: Easily configure your mouse control in the Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions powered by CADENAS. YOU decide which mouse movements & buttons you want to use for rotating, moving or zooming 3D CAD models to perfectly fit your engineering style. Find out how it works: https://bit.ly/3wk8CVY Interested in PARTsolutions? Hit us up: https://bit.ly/3hynTy9

  • (EN) Festo shines with Golden Catalog Seal by CADENAS: Award-winning digital 3D CAD product catalog

    Posted May 18 by Presseservice CANVAS

    Maximum customer service through intuitive configurators and comprehensive product & meta information in 15 languages Festo SE & Co. KG was awarded the Golden Catalog Seal by CADENAS GmbH for its comprehensive digital 3D CAD product catalog. Festo has been successfully using the digital product catalog based on the eCATALOGsolutions technology from CADENAS for many years, creating the basis for digital twins of its products. The Festo ...

  • (EN) New in Autodesk App Store: Plugin delivers BIM objects with LOD/LOG for Autodesk Revit & AutoCAD Architecture

    Posted May 11 by Presseservice CANVAS

    Updated BIMcatalogs.net plugin powered by CADENAS available The latest version of the BIMcatalogs.net plugin by CADENAS is now available for free in the Autodesk App Store. Architects and planners can now access original, manufacturer-verified 2D & 3D BIM and CAD models directly in Autodesk® Revit® 2021 and AutoCAD® Architecture and easily integrate them into their designs. The BIMcatalogs.net plugin has a consistent...

  • (EN) CADENAS 3DfindIT.com equipment models integration accelerates engineering efficiency for AVEVA E3D Design users

    Posted May 5 by Presseservice CANVAS

    Seamless, free access to thousands of manufacturer catalogs directly within AVEVA's 3D modeling software AVEVA and CADENAS have joined forces to integrate the CADENAS technical search engine, 3DfindIT.com, into the AVEVA™ E3D Design system in the process plant and marine industries. This new, free plugin will provide users of AVEVA’s 3D design solution with the ability to select accurate equipment models from thousands...

  • (EN) Girls'Day 2021 – Female developers gave insights into their exciting IT professions at CADENAS

    Posted May 3 by Presseservice CANVAS

    Girls immersed in the world of User Interface Design and Machine Learning On April 22, CADENAS GmbH welcomed interested female students to the first virtual Girls'Day, the world's biggest career orientation project. The background: In 2018, around 74% of girls chose from only 25 different dual vocational trainings - among them not a single scientific and technical one (see Berufsbildungsbericht 2019, Bundesministerium für Bildung und ...

  • (EN) „Big show“ - CADENAS now broadcast webinars live from new TV studio

    Posted Apr 28 by Presseservice CANVAS

    Comprehensive information & best practice on how component manufacturers can increase their sales potential Take one - action! CADENAS launch their new TV studio and offer a new form of live webinars with great added value for customers and interested parties. There is plenty of professional equipment: with a 6 x 3-meter green screen an professional camera equipment, comprehensive information and best practice examples can ...

  • (EN) How to find a technical component without knowing its exact designation

    Posted Apr 22 by Presseservice CANVAS

    As an engineer, you know the struggle: You’re searching for a 3D CAD model of a specific part that perfectly fits your design, but you don’t know its designation. There are two ways this could go: You could waste hours desperately scrolling through the internet. OR you could let PARTsolutions do the job with its intelligent search functions.  Follow this link for instructions: https://www.cadenas.de/manual_iframe?url=cadenas/m...