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RK Rose+Krieger - Support arm / equipment carrier system (EN)


Support arm / equipment carrier system

All purpose mounting for monitors, touch panels and operating units


This mounting for monitors, touch panels and other operating units is flexible, offers many  degrees of freedom and thus can be used universally.
Due to compability to RK Connecting Technology as well to the RK Profile System most different connections are realizable.


Ideal range of Applications:

- General industrial applications
- Plants and machines
- Control centers
- Ergonomic work stations


RK Monitor Mounting

- Choice of user-specific or VESA-standard monitor connection
- High-strength materials guarantee a long-term load-bearing capacity of up to 25 kg, for reliable processes
- Highly ergonomic thanks to personalised height adjustment
- Optimum adjustment of the field of vision thanks to side-turning
- rotary flange and ball joint: vibration-proof locking in 15° increments
- compact: fixing principle with half shells (suitable for retrofitting and extensions) reducing bushes available (round or square 20, 25, 30mm)
- Connects to aluminium profile, and thus also to the machine frame using slot stones
- Universal mounting holes facilitate simple wall mounting


Supports arm/equipment carrier system GT 48

- Based on a standardized round steel tube 48 mm in diameter, the different system elements
can be combined so as to allow individual system structures to be set up within a short time.
- The length of the steel tubes can be adjusted freely; attachment to the system elements is
made with self-tapping Allen screws.


Supports arm/equipment carrier system – GT 50, 60, 80

- Variable constructions, consisting of series produced elements, for individual attachment and positioning of control panels. Designed in clear lines the carrier system harmoniously fits in with the modern working environments.
- Free system construction using high-solid functional elements and tubular steel 50x50, 60x60, and 80x80 mm.
- Consistent IP 65 ingress protection up to the control panel is achieved by means of a selfcontained tube system with integrated seals in places where the system elements are joined
- Installed cables are protected from damage due to burr-free inner contours, an unrestricted
cable passage of 49 cm², and flush joints between tube and system elements
- Swing can be adjusted to on-site requirements using adjustable fittings in the rotary and
swivel elements
- Easy alignment of carrier arm using pre-formed tube supports in the elements. Adjusting
screws freely accessible without having to remove the bellows
- Adjustment of swing forces to different loads using inifinitely variable pivot bearings