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ROEHM Power Chucks/Cylinders (EU)


Power chucks without through-hole

Power chucks with through-hole

Power chucks with quick-acting jaw change system

Diaphragm clamping chucks

Power operated collet chucks

Power-operated pulling collet chucks

Draw-down power chucks

Power-operated ball lock draw-down chucks

Power-operated compensating chucks

Power-operated combination chucks

Power-operated angle lever chucks

Hydraulically operated indexing chucks

Power-operated draw bar chucks

Pneumatic operated high-precision chucks

Gripper chuck

Stationary power chucks

Power-operated centering vices

Air-operated self-contained chucks

Quick Change System

General information and guidelines

Oil operated actuating cylinders with through-hole

Air-actuating cylinders

Oil-operated actuating cylinders without through-hole

Air actuating cylinders without through-hole

Hydraulic operated double piston cylinders