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1.2.2. Running PLMsynchro with CAPVIDIA

To enable CAPVIDIA with a PLMsynchro job, please set these additional settings:

  1. Under [job], enter a new key called conversionPath. The value in this key holds the conversion process for CAPVIDIA module.


    The following screenshot shows an example of conversionPath set for Inventor and PARTJAVA_REDUCED.

  2. In geomsearch.cfg add ALF under AvailableSystemAlgoList and CreationSystemAlgoList.

  3. Optionally, in pdmProxies.cfg, under [PdmProxyTranslator], add keys AdaptTolerance and LinearizationToleranceRel. These options are described in issue #58969.

    AdaptTolerance = 0: Do not change tolerance
    AdaptTolerance = 1: Set tolerance to LinearizationToleranceAbs
    AdaptTolerance = 2: Multiply old tolerance by LinearizationToleranceRel