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3.3.10.  "Assembly" tabbed page


  • Automatic zoom : The greatest possible entire display of an assembly (as far as possible) within the boundaries of the 3D preview.

  • Transparent assemble mode: The step-by-step assembly of the assembly takes place in the background. Only the completed assembly is shown later.

  • Visible buildup of templates: Every step is shown. This setting turns off the Transparent assemble mode.

  • Show single parts tables in assembly tables (the setting is only relevant if Show BOM is activated)

    Single part selected in Assembly window

    Single part selected in Assembly window

  • Show BOM

    If the option has been activated then the assembly will be shown.

    Dialog window Assembly is shown

    Dialog window Assembly is shown

Automatic save

  • Activate: ...starts the automatic saving of an assembly construction.

  • Timeframe: minutes between saving intervals

External applications

  • Path to dotty.exe (Set as default. Graphic display of assembly relationships)