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1.2. User interface

[Note] Note

Layout may differ between Portals.

Furthermore functions are possibly not available at all or in different ways, for example as list field or as tab.

Outline of user interface

Outline of user interface

  1. Page header

    In the page header you will find the main bar, especially for language selection and log in on the portal.

  2. Supplier Catalog Browsing

    Part selection via directory structure or via different search methods

  3. CAD model preview

    Create 3D view, animated 3D view, dimensioning displays, 3D-PDF

  4. Download CAD models

    Here, all generated CAD models are listed, and the download and/or sending per e-mail can be called up here.

  5. Location of catalog vendor

  6. Mobile Version

    Click on the link and follow the instructions.

[Note] Note

Via symbols in the title bar of each dialog area you can adjust them in size.

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