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1.6.7.  Import Catia V4 IUA Macro Files

Before executing a macro use the following steps once:

  1. In the Catia function IUA/FILE/PROC activate the folder USER FILE (will switch from white to yellow color).

  2. Copy the files from the PARTcommunity e-mail into the USER FILE folder.

    In order to start a macro use the command /m PSOLX or IUA/EXECUTE and enter the macro name.

    In order to list all available macros go to IUA/EXECUTE and enter PSOL.

  3. If the macro does not work, please check the following:

    1. IUA/FILE/PROC enabled?

    2. IUA/EXECUTE/CTRL_ON returns information about the macro status while executing.

    3. Look in the CATIA START Windows for more details.