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1.1. General

[Note] Note

Small differences to the help at hand may arise!

Some dialog areas are configurable, so that some functions may not be available depending on the portal.

  • Client requirements

    • Browser:

      • IE >= v8

      • Firefox >= v3

      • Opera >= v10

    • Javascript and Cookies must be activated.

    • Java applet JRE >= 1.6

    • ActiveX viewer: ActiveX must be activated in the security settings.

    • CADENAS PARTwebViewer must be installed.

      Should this not be installed, the following message will show up in the CAD model preview dialog area.

      CADENAS ActiveX-Viewer could not be started

      CADENAS ActiveX-Viewer could not be started

      [Note] Note

      Please note the installation query in the browser window. You must click on it in order to allow for the installation of the CADENAS ActiveX-Viewer.

    • Flash v10

      In order to create a sketch under Search for CAD models -> Sketch 2D, you need the Flash-Player.