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Manual Sketch 2 – Hexagonal cap nut

To create the hexagonal capnut, you have to create a further sketch, which covers the head cap raw body as template and removes the overlaying material. Choose Plane YZ for sketch 2:

  1. Right-click on Plane YZ to open the context menu and select History.

  2. Click New sketch... in the context menu. --> The view changes back to the 2-D Sketcher. Create Hexagon
  1. Click the Insert hexagon button.

  2. Select the x/y axis intersection point with the snap and click on it briefly.

  3. Drag the mouse from KO zero-point over the hexagon and select it to see its parameters.

  4. Enter the width across flat S in the dialog box. Add a Rectangle
  1. Click the Insert rectangle button.

  2. By mouse-clicking outside the hexagonal area, set the starting point of the rectangle. In connection with the information in the context menu, the starting point should be placed at the top right (positive x/y area).

  3. Extrude the rectangle diagonally, until it encloses the hexagon and fix it with a mouse click again.

  4. Fill out the fields of the menu window following the illustration.

[Note] Note

Remember that your input value concerning your base points X/Y orient themselves according to a "made-up" 2-D coordinate grid.

In this context the axis of the 3D plane - here plane ZX – are irrelevant! Close Sketch 2

In order to close the second sketch, click on Accept changes. --> The view switches into the 3D view.

Sketch 2 is now located on the base plane of the cap nut "raw" solid. Sketch 2 - Extrude the rest
  1. Right-click on Sketch 2 in the Historypane to open the context menu.

  2. Select Cut, Extrude...… in the context menu.

  1. Enter the Length of the Extrusion in the Extrusion soliddialog box: Height of the Hexagon with additional depth --> M + 1.

--> Sketch 2 will be extruded in the positive x-axis and this way intersects the cap nut raw solid. --> The dispensable material will be removed. -> The hexagon of the cap nut has been created.