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Manual  Create new project

  1. Via context menu command of the folder 'training', create a new directory 'part'.

  2. With right-click call up the context menu of the folder part.

  3. Enter the name of the new project and choose the template for 3D-capnut.prj (pull-down menu) as Template.

    --> New folder and project capnut.prj have been pasted in the PARTproject directory tree.

    Because of the chosen Template, blank files for Geometry (capnut.3db) and Table (capnut.tab) are already available. Both files still have to be given some content.

  4. First click on the name of the geometry file capnut.3db.

    --> Menu area Edit project: At this state there is no Preview of the geometry visible.

  5. In order to open PARTdesigner, click on Edit.

    --> As the file has no content so far, you are asked in the menu window Edit file whether the file should be created.

  6. Confirm with OK.

The field Use variable from table is not relevant, because there is no table so far, from which the variables could be taken.

--> The PARTdesigner will be started.