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Manual Create preview images in batch run

In order to create preview images in a batch run, do the following:

  1. Mark a directory or project

  2. In the context menu, select: Export files in batch run.

  3. --> The Export files window opens

Export files

Export files

The following explains the setting options in detail:

  • Source directory

    The source directory is automatically given. Usually you need not change the field entries.

    Via Browse ... you may adjust the path if desired.

    With subdirectories

    Optionally you can integrate the subdirectories for the creation of the preview images.

  • Destination directory

    No target directory is given for the internally used preview images.

    With subdirectories

    The option is deactivated if Create preview images is activated.

    Create preview images

    To create preview images, you must activate this option.

    In the list field, select the desired perspective for the preview images.

    • Isometric

    • Dimetric

    • Trimetric

    • Top

    • Bottom

    • Front

    • Back

    • Right

    • Left

    In the list field, define whether the batch run should grab onto project or directory level, or both.

    • Projects

    • Projects and directories(single)

    • Projects and directories(grouped)

    • Directories(single)

    • Directories(grouped)

    • Example "Grouped"

      The selected directory "Tubes" contains the preview images of the first four subordinated directories.

      Preview image with setting "Grouped"

      Preview image with setting "Grouped"

      Subordinated directories of "Tubes"

      Subordinated directories of "Tubes"

    • Example "Single"

      The selected directory "Belts" contains the preview image of the first subordinated directories.

    [Warning] Warning

    When creating y new preview image, the old one is overwritten!

  • Names for exported files

    This setting is irrelevant for the creation of preview images

  • Logfile

    Storage location of text file in which the export process is protocolled. Via Browse ... you can adjust the path.

  • Format / Version

    In the list field, select for example the BMP format.

    Export in BMP format

    Export in BMP format

  • Process only one row per project:

    Hidden during creation of preview images

  • Process value ranges:

    Hidden during creation of preview images

Once all settings have been made, click on OK.

--> A preview image shows up.

[Note] Note

Should the new preview image not show up immediately, go up to the next highest level and then return back to the changed project.