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Hansa-Flex (998 views - Manufacturer & Supplier)

Hansa-Flex is a German industrial company in the fluid technology sector with its headquarters in Bremen and specialises in the development and manufacture of hydraulics components and the associated services.
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Hansa-Flex AG
Industry Mechanical engineering
Founded 1962 (1962) in Achim, Germany
Founder Joachim Armerding
Headquarters Bremen, Germany
Number of locations
411[1] (2016)
Key people
  • Thomas Armerding
    (President & CEO)[2]
  • Tim Hollweg
    (Chairman of the Supervisory Board)[1]
Revenue €432 million[3] (2016, not consolidated)
€15.0[3] (2016, preliminary)
Total assets €240.0 million[3] (2016)
Number of employees
3,622[1] (2016)
Website www.hansa-flex.com

Hansa-Flex is a German industrial company in the fluid technology sector with its headquarters in Bremen and specialises in the development and manufacture of hydraulics components and the associated services.


Joachim Armerding (1935–2015) founded the company in 1962 as a one-man operation in Achim near Bremen.[4][5][6][7][8] Under the company name Joachim Armerding Industriebedarf, he specialised at first in the bespoke assembly of hose lines and established himself in the growing market for hydraulic hoses.

In 1965, Armerding moved premises to a former plumber's workshop in Bremen and took on his first employee. In 1969, Günter Buschmann – Armerding's long-time work colleague and friend – became a partner in the company. He ran the second branch in Osnabrück. In the same year, the company changed its name to Hansa-Flex. Further people joined the company as partners in 70s and 80s.

By the end of 1988, the number of branches came to 21. In 1989, the company opened its first branch outside Germany in Elst, the Netherlands. Following reunification with the GDR and the political collapse in eastern Europe, Hansa-Flex established itself in the new German federal states as well as in Poland and the Czech Republic. In 1990, around 250 employees worked for the company, and the annual revenue was around DM 50 million.

In 1995, Thomas Armerding and Uwe Buschmann, the sons of the company founders, joined the management of Hansa-Flex and gradually took over the business.[9] The first branch outside Europe was opened in 1997 in İskenderun, Turkey, followed in 1999 by branches in Billings, United States and in Blumenau, Brazil, the first on the American continents.

In 1998, the company began to expand the spare parts business by becoming a system provider in the hydraulics field. For this, a pipe bending plant was built in Schönebeck in Saxony-Anhalt. The facilities for cylinder repair (in Königshofen, Thüringen), sealing technology (in Eisenberg, Thüringen) and hydraulic components (in Dresden, Saxony) followed in 2001. The Engineering and Plant Construction division started the design and manufacture of complex hydraulic units in 2003.

The spare parts division was expanded in 2001 by the introduction of a mobile Rapid Hydraulic Service to provide immediate assistance on site when a machine breaks down. The introduction of an alphanumeric code that covers all the product features of hydraulic connection components (X-Code) has since then speeded up the assembly of replacements for defective hoses and improved the error robustness of the ordering process. In 2012, the company concentrated its series hose manufacturing activities at Bremen.[10] Before that the work had been split between different branches.

In 2010, the legal structure of the company was changed from a GmbH to an Aktiengesellschaft, as this would be to the benefit of the organisation – as a result Hansa-Flex Hydraulik GmbH became Hansa-Flex AG.[9] The shares of the non-publicly listed AG have remained with the founder families since then.

In business year 2011, the company achieved a revenue of over €300 million. At the beginning of 2012, the number of employees rose to above 3,000, of which 1,750 were working in Germany and more than 1,250 in the international businesses.[9][11]

On 31 December 2014, Hansa-Flex had over 383 subsidiaries worldwide in 36 countries and a consolidated group revenue of €359 million.[12]

In 2016 the company took over a service provider in Portugal[13] and established a branch in the UK.[14] In addition, since November 2016 the Development department has been separate and is no longer part of the Technology department.[15]

Business profile

At present (July 2017) Hansa-Flex has 405 branches worldwide, 192 of them in Germany.[16] The company is currently (2017) divided into the Hydraulics and Pneumatics divisions in the following production areas, which are organised in terms of the main products[17] and solutions:[18][19]

  • Hydraulic hoses
  • Metal hoses
  • Pipe-bending centre
  • Hydraulic components
  • Sealing technology
  • Willmann Steuerungstechnik
  • Skodock GmbH – flexible pipe sections
  • Hy-Lok Vertriebs GmbH

The Mobile Service continues[20] to be designated as a separate business division. It includes the Rapid Hydraulic Service, the Fluid Service and the Industrial Service.

According to its records, Hansa-Flex offers more than 100,000 articles and has more than 250,000 customers worldwide.[21] They come mainly from the construction industry, mechanical engineering, plant engineering and automotive engineering.[22][23]


In the last five financial years the company increased its turnover from 376 million to 432 million Euros:

Growth in turnover (in million euros)[3]
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Germany 242 240 251 254 263
International 134 140 156 164 169
Together 376 380 407 418 432

Regional distribution of the company's turnover in 2016[24] was as follows:[3]

Turnover 2016
Region in million € in %
Germany 262.6 60.7
Europe 122.6 28.3
Americas 17.6 4.1
China 11.5 2.7
Asia-Pacific without China 9.9 2.3
Africa 6.5 1.5
Russia 1.7 0.4

In declining order of size the company's revenues are divided across the following product groups and services (as of 2016):[3][25]

  • Hose lines
  • Hoses, hose equipment and accessories
  • Screw connectors and adapters
  • Services
  • Couplings and ball valves
  • Pipes and pipelines
  • Metal hoses
  • Hydraulic components
  • Construction of assemblies
  • Other products such as sealing equipment etc.

Awards and social commitment

In 1990, the company founder, Joachim Armerding, was named Entrepreneur of the Year for his life's work by the German Association of Independent Businessmen (ASU) and the Federation of Young Entrepreneurs (BJU).[26]

In December 2012, Joachim Armerding established the Hansa-Flex Foundation. This was started with an endowment of €1 million and operates in the field of education and training. Among other things, it provides stipends to support students at the Jacobs University Bremen[27][28] and endows a professorship at the Hydraulics Competence Centre[29] at Hochschule Ulm (Ulm University of Applied Sciences).[30]


In addition to a regularly published German-English customer magazine,[31] the company has also published two reference books:

  • Trainer Team of the Hansa-Flex Training Centre (2005). Grundlagen der Fluidtechnik: Schulungsbegleitbuch zu den Lehrgängen der Fluidtechnik der Firma Hansa-Flex Hydraulik GmbH (in German) (2nd ed.). Bremen: Hansa-Flex Hydraulik GmbH. 
  • Helmut Wetteborn (2008). Hydraulische Leitungstechnik: Ein Praxishandbuch (in German) (1st ed.). Bremen: Hansa-Flex Hydraulik GmbH. ISBN 978-3-88808-703-5. 
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Further reading

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