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(EN) DMS and CMS magnetic sensor switches

  • DMS and CMS magnetic sensor switches



    AirTAC has recently realeased two new series of sensor switches for pneumatic cylinders: DMS e CMS series. These new series replace, respectively, the DS1 and CS1 series. The main difference between DMS and CMS is the mode of operation: DMS series are electronic sensor switches and they use Hall effect. You can choose the following versions: 2 wires, 3 wires PNP and 3 wires NPN. The working voltage is from 10 to 28V DC for 2 wires models, and from 5 to 30V DC for 3 wires versions. They have inversion polarity protection, and waterproof model (IP68 certified) is available as well.

    The CMS are mechanical REED sensor switches, available with 2 wires. The working voltage is from 5 to 240V AC/DC. High temperature version is available, with max working temperature 125°C. Both series are available with different wire lengths, or with M8 and M12 connectors.

    The number of models has been reduced compared to the past: now you can use the model DMSG/CMSG for various actuators, such round cylinders (mini cylinders) or tie-rods cylinders, through new brackets. CMS and DMS series are in compliance with CE and RoHS.


    The 3D CAD models eCATALOG of AirTAC can be found here: https//:airtac.partcommunity.com

    Here you can see an example of an AirTAC component of the DMS series: