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(EN) Ranco expands its ecommerce service with PARTcommunity Embedded Technology from CADENAS

  • The Italian manufacturer of tooling, injection molding and die-cutting integrated a 3D CAD product catalog into its ecommerce website

    The Italian company Ranco was founded in 2007 and sells standard parts as well as guide elements for plastic mold making and die making. In addition, Ranco offers sheet metal, springs, steel plates, self-lubricating slide elements, custom machining, cooling elements, electrical components, clamping technology and a wide range of polishing accessories.

    Ranco Products

    The wide availability of standard parts and the ability to quickly deliver specialized components makes Ranco the ideal partner for its customers. With custom solutions, Ranco enables its customers to remain competitive both technically and in terms of time-to-market.

    In order to provide the market with all available CAD formats of its standard parts as well as to be able to respond more quickly to customer’s needs and inquiries, Ranco introduced an Electronic Product Catalog in 2011. This catalog with a corresponding Product Configurator for the 3D CAD models of its components are both based on the eCATALOGsolutions technology from CADENAS.

    As part of the existing partnership with CADENAS, Ranco has also decided on its own download portal based on PARTcommunity Embedded Technology, which is integrated into the company website. Customers and interested parties can find the 3D CAD models of Ranco products quickly and easily to be downloaded directly from www.ranco.biz thanks to the integrated PARTcommunity download portal.

    Ranco Products

    Engineers and buyers interested in Ranco products can now directly configure and download 3D CAD models in native 2D and 3D formats for easy integration into their design.

    Ranco Product Configurator

    Seamless integration in Ranco’s Corporate Design

    Thanks to the PARTcommunity Embedded Technology, it is also possible for Ranco to integrate the already developed 3D product catalog into its own website. The corporate design remains fully intact, so that users will not notice any difference between the website and the portal and spend more time on it.

    Ranco Product Configurator

    Ranco profits from leads & statistics

     Ranco profits from leads & statistics

    It’s also important for Ranco to have access to useful analytics for their marketing strategies. This was further expanded by integrating the Electronic Product Catalog into the company website. Nowadays it is more necessary than ever to have access to various statistics that help to understand customers better. The evaluation of downloads of CAD models can make an important contribution here.

    Ranco profits from leads & statistics

    CADENAS and Ranco will continue to work on further joint projects together in the near future – currently, the expansion of the already existing catalog is being planned to include further products.

    More information on the Electronic CAD Product Catalog, based on the eCATALOGsolutions technology from CADENAS can be found here: