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(EN) Here’s how to get your company in shape - PARTsolutions helps to streamline your partial data

  • Companies with fewer parts are more successful

    Streamline your PLM with the Strategic Partsmanagement PARTsolutions

    From unnecessary ballast you have to separate permanently - this also applies to overfilled, chaotic databases. 45% of companies in the CADENAS survey are aware that their parts world is not sufficiently consolidated. This means that a high proportion of duplicates or similar parts are present in the database. This, in turn, has far-reaching implications for a healthy company, for example:

    • further wild growth of parts since already existing components can not be found and will be created again

    • Purchasing places several separate orders instead of bundling orders to get lower purchase prices

    • Engineer develops new products with outdated parts that can no longer be purchased or will soon expire

    Where do companies see the most urgent need for action in the product development process?

    A variety of parts causes high costs

    Each additional part creates significant costs over the entire life cycle, which go far beyond the pure effort of the data system. Numerous companies have already internally calculated the costs for an additional component and came to values between € 100 and up to € 4,000 per part. Of course the costs vary,  depending on the industry.
    Average costs per part

    How PARTsolutions supports you

    From most of the newly created parts only a fraction would have actually been necessary. Regarding newly created parts that are actually necessary, it is important to ensure their clean creation.

    With PARTsolutions, you will find already existing parts and spare their additional creation. If a component has to be newly created, the attributes can be automatically transferred from PARTsolutions to SAP or to the ERP system. Semantic rules improve the quality and correctness of newly created data. Duplicates are avoided and the parts costs can be significantly reduced.

    In addition, PARTsolutions significantly reduces the proportion of administrative activities, enabling engineers to spend more time on creative product development.
    Clean data master with PARTsolutions

    You can find further information about correctly created parts and clean master data system with the Strategic Parts Management PARTsolution in our digital PARTsolutions brochure and at www.cadenas.de/strategic-partsmanagement.You can also order a copy of the brochure in printed form by e-mail at Marketing@cadenas.de. Or give us a call. +49 821 2 58 58 0-0.