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(EN) With the function of the edge smoothing set 3D CAD models in scene

  • To better recognize fragmented models on PARTcloud.net

    If a model consists of many parts, it is difficult for an user to recognize it immediately. The CADENAS exchange platform PARTcloud.net offers the possibility to display edges of a model differently: Shading the edges makes the 3D model easier to recognize and gains in expressive power, without losing any information. The smaller the model and the overall view for the presentation as a screenshot or photo is decisive, the more likely users should go back to shaded edges.

    And this is the way it works:

    • First, users have to login at PARTcloud.net or create an account free of charge in order to enjoy all the advantages of the Sharing Community. If you are already registered for the 3D CAD models download portal PARTcommunity, this is also valid for PARTcloud.net.
    • The components are uploaded and the information as well as details filled in so that the 3D CAD model can be found more easily by other users.
    • After uploading, the 3D CAD model appears in your own portfolio.
    • Users now enable the edge smoothing function by moving the mouse pointer to the menu point and clicking. There are four buttons.

    • On the right, the various stages of the representation are shown: edges, shaded and shaded with edges. The button in the center must be clicked to get the desired effect.

    • The result is a complete model that is now more even. Now users can set the model according to a screenshot or in the PARTcloud.net app or embed it on other websites.

    Here is an example with a particularly small-scale model:


    By the way: How to set the background so that the 3D CAD model is even more effective, read here.

    Try it out right away: Share and receive 3D CAD models

    Whoever is a part of the large Sharing Community will benefit both from the enormous selection of user-generated CAD models and from the platform itself, in order to upload his own models and to make them available to other users.

    It's best to go to www.partcloud.net right away and join the Sharing Community

    PARTcloud.net available also as an app

    Upload your own 3D CAD models as well as browse around in the product range or search for specific parts with diverse searching functions on the go as well with the PARTcloud.net app for Android, iOS and Windows 10.

    PARTcloud.net for Android

    PARTcloud.net for Android
    You can find further information and the free download on Google Play.

    PARTcloud.net on Google Play

    PARTcloud.net for iOS

    PARTcloud.net for iOS
    You can find further information and the free download on iTunes.

    PARTcloud.net on iTunes

    PARTcloud.net for Windows 10

    PARTcloud.net for Windows 10
    You can find further information and the free download on Microsoft Store.

    PARTcloud.net on Microsoft Store

    3D CAD models download portal PARTcommunity

    If you are in search of manufacturer-certified CAD catalogs, you are at the right place with 3D CAD models download portal PARTcommunity. Look around right away at: www.partcommunity.com

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