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(EN) PARTcloud.net member: Gopal Kundu

  • We would like to introduce our most active members on PARTcloud.net every two weeks. The goal is to find out more about them, but also to show our appreciation for their contribution.


    August 2018: Gopal Kundu








    1. Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself and your background?

    I am Gopal Kundu from Bangladesh. I have completed my B.Sc. in Industrial & Production Engineering from Khulna University of Engineering Technology. Currently, I work as a CAD Engineer at IT Farm.


    2. What software(s) do you use?

    I use Solidworks and AutoCAD.


    3. When and how did you start with 3D modeling and what was your first model?

    I started 3D modeling in 2015 when I found out there was a course in our syllabus regarding 3D modeling. My first model was a simple table.


    4. What are your favorite modeling subjects/themes?

    My favorite themes are bicycle designs, car body/automotive designs and mechanical designs.


    5. Are you also into 3D printing?

    Yes, I am also trying to design 3D printable parts.


    6. Is there any specific 3D model you are proud of and why?

    Yes, I have this mountain bike model. This model was chosen by a software company named Maxon 3D and they bought the model.




    7.What was the most challenging project you have done?

    The most challenging job for me was to design the Ford GT 16.





    8. As one of our most active members on PARTcloud.net, what do you find so attractive about it?

    All the members are so much cooperative and active on this platform.


    9. What features in PARTcommunity/PARTcloud would you like to see in the future?

    Nothing for now.


    10. Do you have any other hobbies?

    Yes, I am also into sculpturing, drawing and swimming.


    11. Do you have any goals for the future regarding 3D modeling?

    I want to learn about different types of design and animation software.


    12. What advice would you give to beginners?

    For beginners, I would advise the following:

    1. Choose the right software
    2. Learn about all the tools in that software
    3. Try to design whatever you see
    4. Practice, practice & practice!