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(EN) PARTcloud.net member: Josip Jakubiv

  • We would like to introduce our most active members on PARTcloud.net every two weeks. The goal is to find out more about them, but also to show our appreciation for their contribution.

    May 2018: Josip Jakubiv








    1. Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself and your background?

    I am an electrical engineer, born and raised in Slavonski Brod, Croatia. I am a family man and I like 3D modelling, considering I work for CADENAS company. 3D modelling is also my hobby and I spend a lot of free time on it. I was attracted to 3D modelling when I realized I can create anything I want, anything from my head as a 3D model or from animation and that it can also be printed. So, my imagination and ideas become alive. I wish I have more time for it…


    2. What software(s) do you use?

    I use PARTsolutions for 3D modeling and sometimes Solidworks. Regarding rendering, I use Maxwell and for animations C4D. I just recently started with C4D, therefore it will take some time before I master it.


    3. When and how did you start with 3D modeling and what was your first model?

    It was 13 years ago, when I started working for CADENAS. Before that, I was using AutoCad, but that was something completely different comparing with what I do today.


    4. What are your favorite modeling subjects/themes?

    My favourite subject is modelling and designing of mechanical animals, vehicles, bugs, people, etc. I use combination of mechanical, robotic and steampunk styles which I adopted to my abilities. Besides that, I like to model everything what draws my attention: movie/cartoon characters, mechanical parts, engines/motors and so on.



    5. Are you also into 3D printing?

    Yes, but not as much as I would like to be. Sometimes I print some of my original models or some useful parts which I really need.


    6. Is there any specific 3D model that you are proud of and why?

    My favourite models are those which were created by my imagination.


    7. What was the most challenging project you have done?

    T-Rex Mechanical robot in steampunk style. It really took a lot of time to achieve what I had envisioned.




    8. As one of our most active members on PARTcloud.net, what do you find so attractive about it?

    I am glad to see work of other members who are so innovative and talented and their models are just perfect regarding design and functionality. I can learn a lot from them and when I see what they do, I want to improve my skills more.


    9. What features in PARTcommunity/PARTcloud would you like to see in the future?

    There are already so many useful features on PARTcommuniy that I really like. Maybe some of them could be improved and upgrade to the next level.


    10. Do you have any other hobbies?

    Beside 3D modelling, I play darts and I collect comics and post stamps.


    11. Do you have any goals for the future regarding 3D modeling?

    With every new model, I get new guidelines what I should do next. My goal is to make all those models, which are in my head. Also, I am also interested to create animations with those models and maybe create some kind of “story”.


    12. What advise would you give to beginners?

    Enjoy in what you do and don’t give up!