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  • PLM is getting more competitive these days. Cloud technology development, SaaS applications and new business models injected competitive energy between old established PLM vendors, growing vendors and startups. Established PLM vendors learned how out-market cloud PLM newcomers. Debates about &ldqu...
  • Steampunk style is getting more and more popular, so we decided to combine it with modern technology – 3D modeling and printing. Our goal is to build a lamp with some 3D printed decorative parts. In this case, it will be a gear, but divided into quarters. Again, it will be a decoration used on...
  • New user interface of the integrated “parts4cad” app from CADENAS simplifies designs Since the beginning of 2016, users have benefitted from the cloud-based design and planning software Autodesk® Fusion 360™ with the fully-integrated CADENAS app “parts4cad” a...
  • Marketing can be boring. But not when it comes to competitive clashes and differentiation game. And, PLM is getting even more competitive then ever. Nobody wants to sell plane bagels and PLM vendors are trying to create a differentiation stories. There are different ways to create differ...
  • 3 Facts about Pi - already know in ancient times- There are 2 trillion known decimal places after comma. And still new ones will be calculated.- Chao Lu from China holds the world record for memorization of pi decimal places. He memorized 67 890 numerals.Take a look on PARTcloud.net and d...
  • That’s the most popular videogame figure! Everyone knows Mario, the Italian plumber! Maybe we should play today a bit Super Mario Kart?! :) For all Fan-Boys and –Girls – here is a sculpture of Mario at PARTcloud.net to print on your own. I love it!  
  • Murrplastik builds on the automated generation of engineering data with the integrated portal from CADENAS Murrplastik Systemtechnik GmbH, as one of the worldwide leading system providers of professional cable management, simplifies the configuration of energy chains. The company builds on the ...
  • CADENAS constantly increases the number of native formats of manufacturer catalogs for architects and civil engineers   Architects and civil engineers can download needed 3D BIM CAD models in various native CAD formats on the BIMcatalogs portal. Another format has now been added: HiCAD (3D) fr...
  • I posted about my view on the process of digital transformation and how digitalization can come to manufacturing and more specifically to Product Lifecycle Management. My main points were about digital control and gradual transformation of information landscape from monolithic information mod...
  • This week we have new 3D project: a raccoon! The model is created by Ringmaster and downloaded from Thingiverse. This is going to be our first attempt to paint an animal with fur, so it will be a little bit tricky. As always, we will try to improvise to get the best possible results. Our raccoon is ...

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  • Jürgen Heimbach
    Jürgen Heimbach shared a Geosearch result of part Rim Renault Alpine A110 Vintage @ PARTcloud.net
    Similar shaped parts found by Geosearch:
    • a few seconds ago
  • Nemanja Petkov
    Nemanja Petkov
    • a few seconds ago
  • Nemanja Petkov
    Nemanja Petkov uploaded a new part switch 8 bits @ PARTcloud.net
    • 4 minutes ago
  • Jürgen Heimbach
    Jürgen HeimbachPARTcloud.net Weekly Challenge 2017: For all contributors - with MINEWAYS you can convert worlds easy in an OBJ+MTF file and upload it - see video
    Mineways - Importing your Minecraft world into Cinema 4D
    Hello Youtube! I have created a tutorial on how to import your Minecraft worlds into Cinema 4D with textures included the simple way! THERE ARE A FEW ISSUES I FORGOT TO MENTION IN THE VIDEO, SO MAKE SURE YOU READ THIS BEFORE COMPLAINING TO ME!!! -Full g...
    • 10 minutes ago
  • Nemanja Petkov
    Nemanja Petkov
    • 18 minutes ago
  • Alex Kaa
  • Alex Kaa
  • Annika  Litzel
    Annika LitzelPARTcloud.net Weekly Challenge 2017: Hello everyone! Thanks a lot for the numerous uploads - we will take a look on it and we will find a winner of the last week - still a little patience! ;) 
    BUT: We have a new theme for this current week! Take a look at the grey box and GO! :) 
    • 1 hour ago
  • Alex Kaa
  • Alexander  Willmann
    Alexander WillmannEngineering Newcomer 2017: Hallo zusammen, auch an der

    Technikerschule Augsburg
    Alter Postweg 101...  more
    • 1 hour ago
    • Jürgen Heimbach likes this.
    • Alexander  Willmann
      Annika Litzel Wunderbar - dann vielen Dank für das Aufhängen! Wir freuen uns auf zahlreiche Einsendungen! (Außerdem erhalten Sie gleich noch eine E-Mail!)
      • 1 hour ago
  • Jürgen Heimbach
    Jürgen Heimbach shared LiNa's News .
    So Autodesk Fusion 360 users can now do their design work even faster
    • 3 hours ago
  • Jason Ohonowskyj
  • Jason Ohonowskyj
  • Jason Ohonowskyj
  • Domagoj Canic